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Change of lawyer

01. Legal Guide

Can I just change lawyers?

Are you thinking about changing lawyers because you are dissatisfied with the work of your lawyer or even feel let down and left alone by them?


Unfortunately, many people are like you. The lawyer's fee seems too high and the costs are incomprehensible to the client. The invoice seems to have been drawn up arbitrarily and you were never told in advance how expensive the legal work would be. The lawyer has no time for you and can even be denied on the phone, cancels appointments at short notice and does not keep important appointments in your interest. You are helpless and powerless in the face of the lawyer's disinterest and arbitrariness.


There are several reasons for changing lawyers. But can you change lawyers so easily? Yes, you can change lawyers at any time if you are not satisfied with your lawyer. The relationship between lawyer and client is a service relationship. This means that you can terminate this service contract at any time.


The most important points when changing lawyers:



a change of lawyer is possible at any time

it is also possible to be defended by several lawyers in one case

first arrange a consultation appointment to describe your case to the other defense lawyer

an optimal defence requires that all defence lawyers are specialized in the respective field

the team must not be randomly thrown together, but must be precisely coordinated with each other and in accordance with the individual areas of expertise

Costs are a matter of negotiation and depend on several individual factors.



The right choice of lawyer is particularly important for criminal offenses. A top lawyer will secure your freedom and innocence. A bad lawyer will defend you in prison. The differences could not be greater. As a layperson, you will hardly recognize the differences from the outside. We therefore recommend that you obtain opinions in advance. You can receive a high-quality initial consultation with us if you are accused of a criminal offense. In this consultation, we will show you all the options available to you and what the costs would be. You can then decide for yourself whether you want to trust our law firm to provide you with the best possible defense in court. Make an appointment with our law firm now so that we can answer all your questions.

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