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Introducing our law firm

Highly specialized lawyers for tax law & Criminal tax law

Our highly specialized lawyers for tax and criminal tax law are exactly the experts you need to optimally structure your tax law matters. 

Our lawyers have been successfully working in this area of law for many years. High-quality advice, support and defense of our clients’ interests are our top priority. We are one of the oldest and leading law firms in Munich and Germany in this field. 

We advise and defend individuals and companies in all tax law & Criminal tax law matters. Everyone in our team has their own area of expertise within tax law and criminal law and is highly specialized.  

Our specialization is rounded off by in-depth theoretical knowledge with powerful experience in court. Because when it comes down to it, we will enforce your interests and your freedom for you in court.

We are your tax experts for complex tax law issues

In a globalized world, almost every company, regardless of its corporate form (GmbH, KG, sole proprietorship), has a connection to a foreign country. Complex tax questions with an international connection arise very quickly: How do I organize the expansion of my company abroad? How do I avoid a tax-harmful relocation of activities? What are the correct transfer prices? When is a foreign permanent establishment established? How do I avoid a domiciliary company? What do I have to consider when delivering to foreign customers? What should you consider when moving from Germany? When do I have to make reports according to the Foreign Trade Act? What must be taken into account when posting abroad? How can double taxation be avoided?

Here, together with our (global) cooperation partners, we can offer you reliable and comprehensive advice and support for your tax case. We are happy to cooperate with your current tax advisor, who knows your company best if in doubt but often does not have the international tax know-how.


Not only companies, but also private individuals often have issues with a foreign connection (holiday apartment abroad/home office, posting as an employee, investments abroad, etc.). There are a lot of tax pitfalls lurking, especially when it comes to matters with a foreign connection. An example of this is the so-called exit tax. We offer active design advice, among other things. on the following topics:

  • Avoidance of double taxation

  • Taxation of real estate abroad

  • Avoidance of exit tax when moving abroad or in the event of an inheritance

  • Additional taxation when participating in foreign companies

  • Taxation and distribution of wages for postings/foreign assignments

  • Taxation of foreign capital gains

  • Inheritance tax assessment of international inheritances and donations

We advise & advise you on the following topics



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Corporate tax


Gift tax


Trade tax


Inheritance tax


Tax Evasion


Money laundering

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International tax law


Tax issues



Taxation Procedures & Support during external audits


Make a self-report


Assistance with legal proceedings


Procedural documentation & Tax compliance


Objection to tax assessment


Evaluation of income from cryptocurrencies


Defense in investigation & tax proceedings


Tax planning

"If you don't know the port you want to sail to, no wind is right for you."

(Lucius Annaeus Seneca)

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