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Criminal law firm

 since 2020

GLADICA Rechtsanwälte

Our profile

GLADICA is highly specialized in criminal law Law firm. Our lawyers have been successfully working in this area of law for many years. The successful defense of our clients' interests and the trust of our clients are our top priority.

We advise and defend individuals and companies in all criminal and administrative offense matters. Everyone in our team has their own area of expertise within criminal law with in-depth theoretical knowledge and a lot of practical experience in court.

We are also at your side in disciplinary proceedings, which for civil servants often follow criminal proceedings. We also provide expert assistance in extradition proceedings.

our strengths

We firmly believe in the benefits of professional specialization. That's why it's not just the GLADICA law firm that focuses on criminal law. Our lawyers have each acquired special specialist knowledge in individual areas of this extensive area of law. This allows us to provide each other with expert support when dealing with particularly difficult problems and, in exceptionally demanding proceedings, to provide our clients with the defense attorney who appears to be best suited from the outset. 


Despite all our specialization, we avoid blinkered thinking. Because no area of law exists in isolation. For example, criminal proceedings against doctors for bodily harm have an impact on the accused's license to practice medicine. And anyone who accepts a minor penalty for delaying insolvency can find themselves unexpectedly exposed to civil claims of a cost that could destroy their existence the next day. As criminal defense lawyers, we always have to keep such side effects in mind. In many cases - for example in traffic criminal law or in disciplinary proceedings -  We can also provide our clients with qualified advice and represent their interests. And where this is not possible for us, we admit this honestly and refer it to an experienced colleague. 


Finally, we understand that no two cases are the same. Because no two lives are the same. That's why we don't offer our clients template-like standard solutions, but rather try to work out in dialogue with them what their individual interests lie and what a solution could look like that does justice to them. 


Any person charged with a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty by law.

(Article 6(2) European Convention on Human Rights)

our promise

Our aim is to provide each client with the best possible advice or defense for their case. We therefore consistently strive for professional excellence. It goes without saying that we continue to educate ourselves. We are also actively involved in legal research and teaching and publish in specialist journals.


It is particularly important to us not to lose sight of the connection between theory and practice. Our clients have little interest in legal glass bead games in the academic ivory tower. Conversely, a really high-quality defense, especially in difficult cases, requires a view that is able to go beyond the individual case and perceive the basic principles that shape the legal system as a whole. 


Technical competence is certainly indispensable. However, it does not help if a client gets the impression that their legal advisor is not taking them seriously, is letting them down or is even actively duping them. We understand that we have to earn our clients’ trust every day. That's why we treat them with respect and honesty right from the start. This also means that we would rather speak an uncomfortable truth than make empty promises. Because at the end of the day, we would rather lose a mandate than lose your case.

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