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Tax & Customs criminal law

02. Areas of law

Lawyer for tax law and customs criminal law

Tax crimes are usually punished with a fine or a prison sentence. In the eighth part of the tax code (AO), all criminal and fine regulations, criminal and fine procedures are regulated in paragraphs §§ 369 - 412. Defending in this area requires excellent, deep expertise in criminal law. 


This area of law is rightly one of the supreme disciplines of criminal law and a criminal defense lawyer, as comprehensive, excellent defense and advice requires an enormously high level of professional competence. Without neglecting tact in court and in communication with authorities. Only those who understand and apply the complex legal and economic structure and their interaction with all relevant laws in detail can help protect a defendant, whether a company or a private individual, from a prison sentence or a fine or at least alleviate the sentence as much as possible . 


It is not uncommon for many clients to inadvertently incriminate themselves out of ignorance or a panicked, fearful reaction when they first learn of an accusation of a crime. These avoidable mistakes can be prevented and countered with confidence if you consult high-class legal experts in this area of law at an early stage. 


GLADICA Rechtsanwälte can help you initiate a voluntary disclosure with your or an external tax advisor and optimally represent you in all further phases of the process. Furthermore, our above-average international network of professionals enables us to bring in additional specialists at any time if necessary in order to offer our clients what they need for first-class defense.

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