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Sexual Offense Law

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Sexual crimes lawyer

Hardly any accusation is associated with greater stigma than the accusation of a sexual offense. Criminal proceedings based on a corresponding suspicion are associated with enormous stress for those affected. They often face long prison sentences and the complete loss of their civil existence. Already in the early phase of the investigation, suspects are often taken into custody. 


The legislature has repeatedly tightened sexual criminal law in recent years. And there are numerous voices not only from politics that would like to abolish the presumption of innocence in this area. Many prosecutors and judges also seem to operate according to the motto “guilty until proven otherwise.” 


Even a number of criminal defense lawyers are too sophisticated to take on mandates in the area of sexual criminal law. Professional and committed defense from the earliest possible point is hardly more important anywhere. Accused people who, trusting in the objectivity of the law enforcement authorities, enter into proceedings without legal assistance all too often experience a rude awakening. 


We approach our clients openly and without prejudice – no matter what they are accused of. Because we understand what is at stake, we are even more committed to fighting to protect the rights of the accused. We are helped by a wealth of experience as defense lawyers in sexual crime cases that only a few lawyers can claim. This includes, in particular, the essential knowledge of the psychology of testimony and forensic assessment. In sexual criminal law, both often determine the outcome of the case.

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