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13. Areas of law

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In hardly any other area of law can you be so quickly and unpredictably dependent on competent legal assistance - be it as the injured party in a traffic accident or as the accused of a traffic offense or misdemeanor - because anyone who drives on public roads is a road user. The goals of defense and representation are just as varied as the problems of the clients.


Traffic criminal law in particular requires a lawyer who does not view the criminal proceedings in isolation, but who can also comprehensively advise and represent the accused on possible follow-up problems, e.g. with the driving license authority or insurers. For example, a deal with the public prosecutor's office that initially appears favorable and ends the criminal proceedings may later cost the accused their driving license or jeopardize their insurance cover.


Even if you are the victim of a traffic accident - whether as a motorist, cyclist or pedestrian - you should not expect anything less from your legal counsel, but can demand that they consider all the implications of their actions.

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