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Doctor & Medical criminal law

03. Areas of law

Doctor & Medical criminal law

This area of law is one of the special focus areas of GLADICA Lawyers. We are one of the few law firms in Germany that are highly specialized in the field of medical and medical criminal law and operate nationwide. We know exactly the dangers, risks and fears of a person and a company when criminal allegations are raised in this area.


Especially in today's increasingly hectic everyday life, mistakes can hardly be avoided by professionals in the health sector. If there is suspicion, patients and relatives are increasingly not only demanding compensation, but are also filing criminal charges for negligent bodily harm or homicide. The same applies to failure to provide assistance, falsification of medical records, issuing false health certificates, billing fraud and violation of the Medicines Act. Now is the time to call in an experienced criminal defense attorney. 


But the criminal law risks of medical activities have also increased in other respects over the last few years. This is particularly true for clinical research. Supervisory authorities who are supposed to monitor the conduct of clinical studies see every formal violation as a serious crime that must be prosecuted with decisive severity. And a confusing labyrinth of punitive documentation and reporting requirements often hinder medical progress more than anything else.


Regardless of the accusation, we help those accused in the medical sector to defend themselves using all legal means. Our law firm looks back on successfully completed proceedings in the area of medical and medical criminal law. If you have been accused of a crime, contact us today.

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