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08. Areas of law

Your lawyers for Bitcoin, Ethereum & other cryptocurrencies

As a highly specialized law firm for tax law and criminal law, we offer you first-class advice in the area of cryptocurrencies. We support you competently and professionally in avoiding criminal law risks in connection with cryptocurrencies and ensure that you comply with all legal requirements.

Our experienced team of criminal defense lawyers and lawyers will provide you with comprehensive advice on all questions relating to cryptocurrencies. We attach great importance to providing individual advice tailored to your needs. Through our expertise and network, we are able to develop tailor-made solutions for your specific requirements.

We support you in designing your business in such a way that possible criminal charges for cryptocurrencies are ruled out. We ensure that all relevant legal requirements and compliance rules are observed and that there are no risks of possible criminal charges.

Here are the five most common reasons why people and companies in Germany receive or could receive criminal charges for cryptocurrencies and therefore need advice or criminal defense from a tax and criminal lawyer:

  1. Violation of reporting requirements: The use of cryptocurrencies may be subject to reporting requirements. Failure to comply with these reporting requirements may constitute a criminal offense.

  2. Tax evasion: Profits from cryptocurrencies usually have to be taxed. If these profits are not declared, this can be viewed as tax evasion.

  3. Money laundering: Cryptocurrencies are often used for money laundering because they are difficult to trace and the origin of the funds is not transparent.

  4. Fraud: Cryptocurrencies are vulnerable to fraud, for example through so-called “pump and dump” schemes. If these scams are carried out, it can constitute a criminal offense.

  5. Violation of capital market rules: Trading in cryptocurrencies is subject to certain capital market rules in Germany. Failure to follow these rules may constitute a criminal offence.

Our clients value our successful work in the area of cryptocurrencies as well as our first-class service. We serve private individuals and companies who are looking for professional and reliable advice in the area of cryptocurrencies. Convince yourself of our know-how and our premium service and arrange a consultation appointment with us today.

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