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Criminal corruption law

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Lawyer for criminal corruption law

The media constantly reports on new incidents of corruption in Germany and beyond our borders. Most people will probably still remember the highly media-covered searches and raids on the Fifa headquarters in Zurich. Large and small companies are increasingly finding themselves in the crosshairs of investigative authorities. In times like these, when lobbying by one or more companies can have an impact on market conditions and political actions, particular caution is required. Accusations of corruption can quickly arise and excellent criminal defense lawyers are now needed to ward off potential damage and keep it as small as possible.


Accusations of corruption are a particular challenge for every criminal defense lawyer. Every case is different and every case requires a different kind of sensitivity to achieve the best result. If necessary, our law firm works closely with other colleagues and law firms from the areas of public procurement, real estate and construction law to ensure that our clients are supported and defended with the highest level of competence. Preventive measures are also welcome, so that possible criminal prosecution does not occur in the first place.

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