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Corporate tax

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Your corporate tax lawyers

Are you looking for competent tax advice in the area of corporate tax? Then you've come to the right place! We are an experienced tax consulting firm that specializes in advising companies on corporate tax issues.

As experts in the area of corporate tax, we know that companies in this area can be confronted with many complex tax regulations and laws. We therefore offer you individual advice that is tailored to your specific needs and supports you in fulfilling your tax obligations.

Our team consists of experienced tax experts and lawyers who are well versed in the latest regulations and developments in the area of corporate tax. We offer you comprehensive advice on all corporate tax issues, from setting up companies to restructuring, company sales and international tax issues.

Typical questions about corporate tax why clients come to us

  1. How is corporate tax calculated and what tax rates apply?

  2. What are the tax implications of establishing a corporation or partnership?

  3. How can corporate tax be minimized through optimized tax planning?

  4. What are the tax implications of a company restructuring, such as a conversion or merger?

  5. How can corporate tax be correctly calculated and paid for international transactions?

  6. How can losses be claimed for tax purposes and what requirements must be met?

  7. What are the tax implications of issuing shares or taking on debt capital?

  8. How can corporation tax be minimized when transferring or acquiring shares?

  9. How can tax risks be minimized, especially with regard to tax audits?

  10. How can companies benefit from tax relief and support programs and what requirements must be met?

Our tax lawyers can offer expert advice on all of these questions and support companies and self-employed people in fulfilling their tax obligations.

Whether you run a large company or a small self-employed business, we offer tailor-made solutions to meet your individual requirements and help you meet your corporate tax obligations correctly and efficiently.


Trust in our expertise and let us optimize your tax matters together. Contact us today and arrange a non-binding consultation. Call us now or write us a message using our form. We look forward to getting to know you and helping you with your tax matters. 

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