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Cyber Crime & IT security

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Cyber Crime & IT security

These days, a majority of crimes are carried out online. Even laypeople are familiar with hacker attacks. The numerous different forms of digital crimes now concern their own departments and authorities in Germany and Europe. The state is massively gearing up to detect crimes in the digital sector and locate the accused. On the other hand, attackers are becoming more creative and intelligent. The quality of professional attacks has reached a level that even supposedly well-equipped people and companies can quickly become victims of a hacker attack. According to the digital association Bitkom, the damage caused by cybercrime is estimated at over 55 billion euros (as of 2018). Attacks are increasing rapidly, especially in Germany, which is a welcome country for cybercriminals due to its economic performance. Claims for damages in the 7-8 figure range are not uncommon. People and companies that have become victims like to quickly find someone to blame to pay for the damage.


However, victims quickly become accused when the in-house computer systems and digital architecture carelessly leave gaps open in order to be able to carry out an attack. Therefore, people and companies who are being prosecuted need a law firm that has excellent knowledge of the digital world. Excellent understanding of programming languages, security systems, security architectures, protocols and certificates. 


Our law firm is well staffed with experts in this area and also has the expertise of other specialists on hand when it comes to proving the innocence of an accused. We don't just support you when it's too late, but rather provide you with preventive support to identify and close security gaps at an early stage.

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