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International Criminal Law & Extradition law

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Lawyer for International Criminal Law & Extradition law

Globalization does not stop at criminal law. European regulations and institutions are already shaping the German legal system to an extent that hardly anyone could have imagined until recently. Teams of police and customs officers from several EU countries investigate across borders and tax authorities exchange tax data. The European Investigation Order enables public prosecutors and courts in this country to order coercive measures in another member state. And the European arrest warrant means that fugitive suspects cannot feel safe in any EU country. 


But cooperation between prosecutors is no longer limited to Europe. Legal assistance agreements exist with numerous countries around the world. And it is no longer uncommon for the US Department of Justice (DOJ) or the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to be at the table in German criminal proceedings. Our job as defense lawyers is to ensure that the rights of the accused are not compromised.


Nowhere is the long arm of the law enforcement authorities more noticeable than in extradition proceedings, i.e. when a foreign state demands the transfer of a person residing in Germany for the purpose of criminal prosecution or the execution of a sentence. The persecuted person often only finds out about the existence of an extradition request when he is suddenly arrested by the German police. At this moment, quick action is essential. In this situation, the person concerned cannot afford a lawyer who first has to familiarize himself with the special subject matter of extradition law. Extradition procedures are too complex and have serious consequences for that. Elementary human rights are often at stake, because in many countries the person being persecuted can neither expect a fair trial nor humane prison conditions.


GLADICA's delivery specialists know this and will fight for you with the appropriate commitment and legal expertise. 

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