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Trade tax

04. Areas of law

Your business tax lawyers

As a renowned tax law firm, we offer you first-class advice in the area of trade tax. Our expertise and know-how in tax law enable us to provide companies and self-employed people with competent and professional advice.

Our experienced team of tax advisors and lawyers will support you in optimizing your trade tax and avoiding tax risks. We develop tailor-made tax strategies for you and work to optimally structure your tax situation.

We take all relevant aspects into account, such as trade tax assessment notices, allowances and trade tax assessment rates, in order to guarantee you optimal advice. We are always up to date with the latest legislation and always inform you about current developments in tax law.


Typical questions we are asked about trade tax:

  1. How is trade tax calculated and which trade tax measurement amount is relevant for my company? A tax lawyer can help you calculate the business tax base and show you which factors need to be taken into account.

  2. How can I as a company take advantage of trade tax advantages? A tax lawyer can help you optimize your business tax and show you what tax benefits are available to you.

  3. How can I reduce my trade taxes as a self-employed person? A tax attorney can help you reduce your business taxes by providing you with strategies and options available to you.

  4. What effects does moving have on my trade tax? A tax lawyer can provide you with advice when moving your company and show you what impact this will have on your trade tax.

  5. How can I minimize my trade tax burden and what allowances are there? A tax lawyer can help you minimize your business tax burden and show you what exemptions are available to you.

Our clients value our successful work in the area of trade tax as well as our first-class service. We support companies and self-employed people from a wide range of industries and face every tax challenge.

Convince yourself of our expertise and our premium service and arrange a consultation appointment with us today. We look forward to helping you optimize your trade tax and achieve your tax goals.

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