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Your income tax lawyers

Self-employed people and businesses often face complex challenges related to income tax. As a highly specialized tax law firm, we support you in mastering these challenges and fulfilling your tax obligations. Our experienced tax lawyers offer you comprehensive advice and individual solutions to successfully regulate your tax matters.

Here are the five most common reasons why self-employed people and businesses need our advice on income tax issues:



  1. Determination of profits: Self-employed people often have difficulties in correctly determining the profit for income tax. We support you in determining profits and advise you on the relevant tax regulations.

  2. Business expenses: The distinction between business and private expenses can be complex. We help you to correctly record business expenses and claim them for tax purposes.

  3. Special regulations: Self-employed people can benefit from special tax regulations, such as the small business regulation or the surplus accounting. We advise you on these special regulations and help you achieve the best possible tax advantages.

  4. Tax planning: Income tax is not just about meeting current tax obligations, but also long-term tax planning. We support you in making optimal use of tax planning options and optimizing your tax burden.

  5. Tax audits: If you are subject to a tax audit as a self-employed person, professional support is essential. We represent your interests to the tax authorities and help you deal with the audit.



  1. Profit and loss statement: Companies must correctly determine their profit or loss and report it in their income tax return. We support you in preparing a meaningful profit and loss statement and advise you on the tax consequences.

  2. Depreciation: The correct recording and tax treatment of depreciation is crucial for companies. We help you use the correct depreciation methods and take advantage of tax advantages.

  3. Tax incentives: Companies can benefit from various tax incentives and incentives, such as research allowances or investment deductions. We support you in identifying and using these grants.

  4. Tax audits: Companies are regularly subject to tax audits by the tax authorities. We accompany you during the tax audit, represent your interests and help you deal with the audit.

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