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General criminal law

10. Areas of law

General criminal law

When one speaks of general criminal law, one usually means all those criminal offenses that can be found in the Criminal Code (StGB). This is an extremely broad spectrum, ranging from simple shoplifting to murder and manslaughter. The StGB contains criminal provisions for such diverse offenses as bodily harm, forgery of documents, computer fraud, deprivation of liberty or arson and thus covers a large part of the crime that actually occurs. 

“General” by no means means trivial. This is often the case for lawyers who, although they primarily work outside of criminal law, occasionally venture into the defense of general criminal cases. The (naive) idea that it can't be that difficult usually comes from the fact that every lawyer has learned about the vast majority of offenses in the criminal code as part of their law studies. What these colleagues, on the other hand, completely lack are the procedural and forensic tools, which are of crucial importance for the practice of criminal defense.

Anyone who has never had to slow down a judge who would have liked to have a quick trial in a supposedly "trivial matter", who has never challenged an arrest warrant or questioned an expert about DNA evidence, will quickly realize that this is anything but child's play. The experienced and specialized criminal lawyers at GLADICA are aware that the “simple case” almost never exists in reality. We owe this insight to our clients, for whom their own criminal proceedings are always the most difficult of all. 

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